Halloqueen - Part 2

Halloqueen keeps on going for part 2, in which we provide a chilling commentary on the movie Hellbent.


Halloqueen - you know, 'cause gay Halloween is just better

Loco for Kiyoko

Welcome to another episode of QueerBait! In this episode, we lay down a sick track hyping up amazing queer artists such as, King Princess, Tegan and Sara, Demi Lovato, Kehlani, and our Lord and Savior Hayley Kiyoko. We also discuss the always amazing Amadla Stenberg and her upcoming role!

Welcome to another episode of QueerBait Podcast! In this episode, we're weighing in on trans inclusion in mainstream sports. 

Welcome back for another episode of QueerBait Podcast. Listen in to find out what happens to Maureen on her first gay bar experience in this hilarious conclusion to A Whole Queer World. 

Welcome to another episode of QueerBait! In this episode, we dive into our childhoods to reminisce about the toys that made us gay, or rather, were made gay by us. 

Rainbow Alert

Hey everybody, welcome back to QueerBait! In this week's edition of queer news, we discuss the most infamous "are-they, aren't-they" couple - is it Cara Delevigne and Ashley Benson, or Sesame Street's own Bert and Ernie? We also debate whether Disney's Jungle Cruise is queerbaiting us, or whether they're just plain queer. 


Hello and welcome back to QueerBait! This year's Oscar-Bait award goes to....Boy Erased! On this week's episode we discuss The Miseducation of Cameron Post versus Boy Erased and how they match up to our personal favorite queer flicks.  

Welcome back to QueerBait! Today Ainsley recounts her debaucherous first, and worst, experiences at a gay bar, while Maureen becomes inspired by her tales of wonderment. 

Walk Walk Fashion Baby

Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of QueerBait! This week we discuss the ins and outs of queer fashion, and recount our own fashion faux-pas.

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