First Date Recipe

Hello and welcome back! Tonight we're discussing the recipe that goes into the perfect, or passable, first date. Stay tuned to hear about everything from the outfits to the activities that we employ on our most successful first dates. 

Embarrassing Events

We're back for another episode! Whether you're queer or straight, you've definitely experienced embarrassment; and so have we! Today we're talking about our most embarrassing moments and how we survived them. 

Ride That Queer Wave

We're back for another week of QueerBait Podcast! Join us as we discuss the L-Word reboot, along with our favorite (and least favorite) sex scenes from the original show. 

Queer Comes The Bride

Welcome back to QueerBait! Today we're talking about straight spaces - how to navigate them, what to say, and how to maintain your cool in enemy territory. 

Valentine’s Gay

We're back with another episode of QueerBait! Today we're arguing our Valentine's Day preferences and the value of the most controversial Hallmark Holiday. Tune in to hear our takes on Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day gifts, activities, and displays of affection.

Welcome back to QueerBait! Today we're discussing the Grammy awards and all of our favorite performers. We're talking about everybody from Cardi B to Brandi Carlile today, so stay tuned for the Year of the Queer.

Hot For Teacher

Hello and welcome back to QueerBait Podcast! Tonight we're talking about our (least) favorite queer films involving student/teacher "romance." 

Family Dykenamics

Thanks for joining us on this episode of QueerBait Podcast! Today we're discussing family dykenamics, otherwise referred to as the ways in which our being queer has impacted our families. We're talking about our queer experiences at the dinner table and the uncomfortable sibling relationships that built our family dynamics from the ground up.

Gossip Whores

Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of QueerBait! Today we're talking gossip; otherwise known as shit-talk, tittle-tattle, or whatever you want to call it. We're discussing our ex-partners or current co-workers, and how & why we gossip about, and with, them. 

We're back for another episode of QueerBait to talk about our favorite euphemisms for our favorite anatomical parts! Listen in to hear cringe-worthy phrases and the sounds of our dry-heaving as we attempt to recite them. 

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